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Alto Pont-Rouge: An urban vision of the office building

Alto Pont-Rouge is not just another workplace. This 15-storey mixed-use building offers 28,000m2 of workspace, commercial activity spaces, and a range of innovative services

While the premises used for services and restaurants are concentrated on the ground and first floors, the shops are directly accessible from the station exit and the esplanade.

The atrium – a grand space that is unique to Alto – is located on the first floor of the building, and it is from this central area, bathed in natural light, that the administrative areas are distributed among the floors. A reception desk is located here to welcome visitors to the site.

In the heart of a neighbourhood dominated by stone, vast tree-lined terraces on the 6th and 10th floors offer two hanging gardens, reserved for the building's users. They serve as a link between the different areas of the building.

A number of services are available on site, including a friendly and creative coworking space. This innovative concept will be offered by the increasingly successful Zurich-based shared office operator, Westhive.

Flexibility lies at the core of the Westhive concept, with users having multiple options available: individual offices, team offices, conference rooms. Westhive will also integrate other services such as a restaurant, a rooftop café on the big 6th-floor terrace, and a gym – all bringing relaxation and work together while boosting creativity.

Designed for the future of work In an environment in which companies are moving towards more flexible workspaces, Alto Pont-Rouge adapts to changes in work styles and spaces. Depending on the organisational needs of companies, it allows for a wide range of situations and offers high-quality, modular spaces.

The communal areas increase the opportunities to meet others and encourage innovation and creativity through more informal exchanges. The terraces also contribute to this well-being.

Available in the summer of 2023, these high-quality, modular spaces can be divided into areas from 340m2 to 2,730m2.

Discover our first tenants: CMS | Westhive

While adhering to the stone-framed architectural character of its environs, Alto Pont-Rouge is unique for its double-height modules. This gives the building a more elegant spaciousness and brings in significantly more natural light. Designed by brodbeck roulet architectes associés, the architecture of Alto Pont-Rouge embodies a contemporary approach that emphasises functionality and well-being.

Alto Pont-Rouge has several sections of varying heights, which puts the district on a human scale. Four «Z»-shaped floors complete the base, giving the overall structure a pleasing and dynamic layout. Overlooking the structure, two towers crown the building and preserve the visual harmony.

By keeping load-bearing structures a minimal presence, the architects have given preference to natural light and facilitated the laying out of open-plan workspaces or standalone offices.

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